⛓️EVM bulk mint

Minting on BNB Polygon Arbitrum Avax chains is now supported.


  1. Click on the desired chain, e.g. BNB

  2. Enter string

  3. Configure number of repeat mints

  4. Confirm info + pay amount

  • Confirm mint string data

  • Confirm number of repeats

Bot will auto-generate an EVM address, send desired amount to the address to see balance update after refresh.

  1. Click bulk mint

After clicking bulk mint, the bot will auto-submit in batches. Refresh to see results.

Please note:

  1. Due to auto gas, insufficient balance may cause fewer mints due to gas fluctuations. Remaining balance stays in wallet.

  2. All EVM chain wallet addresses are the same, please export the private key to manage your mints.

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